The HRCC Center team includes experts in the areas of mass media, new technology, interpersonal communication, family communication, and intercultural communication. Our team uses message production, statistical methods, focus groups, and surveys to study topics related to environmental justice, international health, food safety, organ donation, HIV-AIDs prevention, obesity, and alcohol reduction. Our team is able to provide specialized knowledge and expertise in the aforementioned content areas, and we also offer specialized services that can be applied to any health or risk issue.

We provide services such as:

1. Assistance with focus groups. We can help recruit participants; develop moderator guides; conduct focus groups with trained moderators; accommodate focus groups in our facilities; and analyze your focus group data.

2. Delopment of health communication materials. We can create culturally sensitive, messages appropriate for the literacy level of your audience. We can conduct formative research, create effective messages, and design professional print and media materials to meet your specifications.

3. Evaluate health communication materials and campaigns. We can examine health communication materials and campaigns designed by others to evaluate their effectiveness. Based on pre-determined criteria of interest to you, we can evaluate message content, cultural appropriateness, literacy level, and/or design features to increase their effectiveness with your target audience.

4. Communication expertise on grant projects. We can serve as health communication experts on your grant team. With the increased interest in health communication by funding agencies, the marketability of your grant might increase with the inclusion of the HRCC as a part of the grant team. Our theoretical backgrounds in social influence, campaign expertise, health behavior knowledge, media and new technology skills, and qualitative and quantitative methodological proficiencies can serve necessary applied and basic research functions.

5. Practical, hands-on media training for executives, management staff, and groups. Training is customized to the individual or group needs, including internal and external communications, crisis communication and proven techniques for effective media relations. Participants will learn to how to work with all media outlets including on-camera training for television.

Contact the center at for a cost estimate for these services.

HRCC Health & Risk Communication Center