Community Events

The HRCC wants to engage with the public about important health, risk, environment, and science communication issues.

Communication on Tap

The Comm on Tap series is modeled after a popular format for science communication: invite community members to a popular pub to chat with topic experts from the local college or university.

The HRCC began holding its Comm on Tap series in 2018.

Past events: 

Comm on Tap, May 15

Dr. Frank Boster

Comm on Tap, April 8, 2018

Dr. Ralf Schmaelzle, Dr. Mandy Hampton Wray, and Dr. Dar Meshi Topic: How ongoing work in neuroscience can help improve the effectiveness of communication efforts

Comm on Tap, March 13, 2018

Dr. Bill Donahue, Dr. Nancy Rhodes, Mr. Perry Parks. Topic: How conflicts, social norms, and news values really work.