Charles J. Strosacker Foundation Research Fund for Health and Risk Communication

The MSU College of Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS) was one of the first institutions of its kind to formally develop a major communication research emphasis and continues to be recognized internationally for the outstanding research.

This past November alone, more than 70 faculty and graduate students were selected to present at the National Communication Association 99th Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. That's an impressive number and reflects how the college invests in both its faculty and graduate students.

CAS places a high priority on making sure graduate students have the opportunity to be mentored by and work with some of the most preeminent communication researchers in the world. CAS offers opportunities for early research experience and helps graduate students build a strong network with peers and accomplished scholars so they will be well positioned for success after graduation.

CAS in February announced the recipients of its newest research fellowships, generously supported by a $500K endowment fund created by the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation Research Fund for Health and Risk Communication. This fund provides resources for graduate students to engage in hands-on research, apply theoretical constructs to real-world health practices, and share results and impacts from their projects with their community partners. Priority is placed on projects to be implemented in Michigan, and in mid-Michigan specifically. The Strosacker Foundation endowment will support five $5,000 fellowships awarded annually.

The 2018-2019 Strosacker Award Recipients are:

  • Julia Andary, Parental Beliefs on Telegraphic Input
  • Minwoong Chung, Dynamic Norms and Climate Change
  • David Ford, Longitudinal Effects of Hydration: A Comprehensive Voice Analysis
  • Erica Lescht, Phonological Working Memory and Word Learning in Children who Stutter, in Mid-Michigan
  • Lin Li and Minjin Rheu, Illuminating the Pathway to Seek Professional Help for Mental Health: Focusing on Michigan Residents with Low SES and Frequent Mental Distress
  • Nikki McLaren, Identifying the Dynamic Motives for Vaccine Non-Compliance in Mid- and Eastern Michigan
  • Domink Neumann, Effects of Reactivity to Visual Cues on Use-Related Outcomes in Anti-Marijuana Messages and the role of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Brandon Walling, Examining the Impact of Disclosure Strategy on Interpersonal Response to Disclosure and Social Support in the Context of Mental Health Disclosures.