Iris Scholars

The Iris Fellowship provides students with paid experience in health and science communication, while also increasing stakeholder and public understanding of of HRCC-affiliated projects.

In this program, HRC Master’s students and advanced ComArtSci undergraduates work with HRCC-affiliated faculty to create interpretive materials that communicate research findings. The format and scope of these interpretive materials are tailored to the needs of the project and the skill sets of the students.

Benefits to faculty/researchers of recruiting an Iris Fellow:

  • Fulfill publicity requirements of many grant proposals
  • Outsource creation of publicity materials to those with specific skill sets, such as graphic and/or web design, or public-friendly writing skills

Benefits to students for being an Iris Fellow:

  • Further build their health, risk, environment, and science communication skill sets
  • Gain experience in an academic research environment
  • Payment for their work