Technology helps bridge gap between generations, especially at Christmas

December 20, 2017 - Dan Daru, Fox 31 Denver

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DENVER -- 80-year-old Millie van Wyke and husband Don are enjoying retirement. But unfortunately, they are not near their offspring.

But thanks to her PC and tablet, it is possible for her to stay in touch with the ones she loves. A classic example of how technology can bridge the gap between generations.

That is the subject of an online article written by professor Sheila Cotten of Michigan State University.

Let digital devices, she says, bring your family together over the holidays. “Although there are many older people that are lonely, they do find that they do feel a sense of connection with technology. They have embraced it," said Dr. Cheryl Ziegler, Doctor of Psychology.

Technology today is something very different and can be a conduit between the generations. But Dr. Ziegler offers up a word of caution. “Does your child still actually have relationship skills? Do they know to say, grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle, come over here, let me show you this?"

But Milly van Wyke, with her admittedly slow computer, is pretty happy with technology that allows her to see her grand-babies every day.