Bettinghaus Endowed Lecture

The annual Bettinghaus Endowed Lecture, named in honor of the prolific health risk researcher and former ComArtSci Dean Professor Erwin P. Bettinghaus, brings an expert to our campus each spring to share their work on health, risk, environment, and science communication. In September 2019, Kami Silk, PhD, will be the Bettinghaus Lectuere. Dr. Silk is a Rosenberg Professor of Communication at the University of Delaware, and is also Chair of the Communication Department. Her research interests are in the areas of health message design, with an emphasis on translating complex health information to the lay public. Her current research focuses on designing health messages for women about links between environmental determinants and breast cancer risks. Dr. Silk is also interested in the role of health literacy and numeracy in audience understanding of risk messages, particularly among low-income segments of the population.