Research is a major focus of the Health & Risk Communication Center. Our affiliate faculty partner internally and externally to study major communication issues concerning health, science, risk, and the environment. 

Projects and Partnerships

See our Projects & Partnerships, as well as Grants and Contracts, for examples of HRCC work.

The Healthy People, Healthy Planet Poll (HP2)

The HRCC works with the Environmental Law and Policy Center to perform the annual Healthy People, Healthy Planet (HP2) poll. This project includes the collection and analysis of data about attitudes concerning health, economy, and environment. 

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The HRCC Message Vault

The HRCC Message Vault is an online repository of health and risk communication messages, stimuli, and databases of messages for faculty and students to use in their teaching and research. The concept of the Message Vault was created, designed, and branded by HRCC faculty.

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Our Research Cores

The HRCC structures its research in five main core areas, based on the strengths of affiliate faculty. One of these areas rotates annually, to allow the HRCC to rapidly engage with changing research trends. 

List of HRCC affiliate faculty publications from the 2022 academic year.

Resource folder for HRCC affiliate faculty.