Research is a major focus of the Health & Risk Communication Center. Our affiliate faculty partner internally and externally to study major communication issues concerning health, science, risk, and the environment. 

Projects and Partnerships

See our Projects & Partnerships, as well as Grants and Contracts, for examples of HRCC work.

The Healthy People, Healthy Planet Poll (HP2)

The HRCC works with the Environmental Law and Policy Center to perform the annual Healthy People, Healthy Planet (HP2) poll. This project includes the collection and analysis of data about attitudes concerning health, economy, and environment. 

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Our Research Cores

The HRCC structures its research in five main core areas, based on the strengths of affiliate faculty. One of these areas rotates annually, to allow the HRCC to rapidly engage with changing research trends. 

List of HRCC affiliate faculty publications from the 2018-2019 academic year 

Resource folder for HRCC affiliate faculty

  • Intervention & Campaign Design

    The Intervention & Campaign Design Core aims to develop and study means to affect behavioral change for better health. 

    Core Leader:

    Affiliates: Jeff Searl, Sandi Smith, Wei Peng, Eric Hunter, Jim Dearing, Bree Holtz, John Besley, Kami, Jingbo Meng, Ken Levine, J. Scott Yaruss

  • Neurocognitive & Biological Communication

    The Neurocognitive and Biological Communication studies communication and health behavior from a biological perspective.

    Core Leader: Ralf Schmaelzle

    Affiliates: Jeff Searl, Dar Meshi, Eric Hunter, Ralf Schmaelzle, Constantinos Coursaris, Laura Dilley, Allison Eden, David Ewoldsen, Amanda Wray Hampton, Scott J Yaruss.

  • Social Media & Emerging Tech

    The Social Media and Emerging Technology Core looks at the role of social media and new technology in health behaviors.

    Core Leader: Taiquan Peng

    Affiliates: Dar Meshi, Wei Peng, Bree Holtz, Robby Ratan, Jingbo Meng

  • Diversity & Cultural Communication

    The Diversity and Cultural Communication Core studies cultural aspects of health communication, including communicating to diverse audiences. 

    Core Leader: Morgan Ellithorpe 

    Affiliates: Eric Freedman, Jim Dearing, Jenny Olson, R.V. Rikard, Maria, Geri Zeldes, Rabindra Ratan, Manuel Chavez, Sue Carter, Mary Bresnahan

  • Rotating Topic: Health Communication & Policy

    The Health Communication and Policy Core looks at how to convert knowledge into constructive policy changes. 

    Core Leader: Dan Bergan

    Affiliates: Elizabeth Dorrance Hall, Morgan Ellithorpe