Grants and Contracts

The Health & Risk Communication Center has a long history of grant funding, as well as contracts with outside institutions. Below is a selection of these grants and contracts. 

Infrastructure Collapse and its Effects on News Practices during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico 

National Science Foundation, HRCC involvement: Manuel Chavez, Bruno Takahashi

American Diabetes Association Minority Undergraduate Internship Award

American Diabetes Association, HRCC Involvement: Bree Holtz

Breast Cancer and the Environment: Communication Core

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Cancer Institute. HRCC Involvement: Chuck Atkin, Kami Silk, Sandi Smith, Pam Whitten, and Brian Winn

One Health: The Role of Emerging Communication Technology in Human Behavior

National Institutes of Health. HRCC Involvement: Maria Lapinski

Using the EPPM to Increase Hearing Protection Behaviors in Farmers, Auto Repair Workers, and Landscape Workers

MSU Department of Occupational Medicine. HRCC Involvement: Sandi Smith


Historical Grants and Contracts 

Lessons of Fourland Game

Indian Land Tenure Association, HRCC Involvement: Elizabeth LaPensée 

The Rap on Flint

Michigan Humanities Council, HRCC Involvement: Geri Alumit Zeldes

A Smart Device Based Depression Behavior Monitoring and Analytics Service for College Students Depression Management

National Science Foundation. HRCC Involvement: Jingbo Meng 

Environmental, Microbial, and Mammalian Biomolecular Responses to AhR Ligands

United States National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. HRCC Involvement: James Dearing

Pubertal High Fat Diet: Effects on Inflammation Mammary Development and Cancer

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. HRCC Involvement: Sandi Smith

Disseminating proven models for challenging the environment of high-risk drinking

U.S. Department of Education. HRCC Involvement: Sandi Smith

Improving Hygienic and Food Preparation Practices in Day Care Centers

United Stated Department of Agriculture, National Integrated Food Safety Initiative (NIFSI). HRCC Involvement: Maria Lapinski

Adolescents’ Identification with Televised Portrayals of Male and Female Scientists

National Science Foundation. HRCC Involvement: Maria Lapinski